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New Fellow Nomination System

Welcome to the online nomination portal for New Fellows.

With this system, you can create, review, submit and print nomination forms. To begin, please Sign In on the right side of the screen. If you do not have an account, please select Sign Up and follow the steps to create an account.


Election to the fellowship follows a four step process in the case of regular nominations and the election of Foreign Fellows.

1. January and February: candidacies are vetted by one of the Society’s nine Divisional New Fellow Selection Committees.
2. March: Recommendations of these Divisional Committees are then forwarded to the New Fellow Selection Committee of the relevant Academy which finalizes the Academy’s short list of candidates.
3. April: the list of candidates as approved by Academy Committees is then forwarded to the Council of the Society
4. May and June: Fellows of each Division votes on candidates for election to their Division.

Due Date:

The deadline to submit a nomination is December 1 at 8h00pm EST. The Online system to create and submit nominations is open from May 1 - December 1.

Validity of nominations:

All files are valid for a three year period. Following expiry of the file, a one-year waiting period is required before the candidate can be re-nominated.


Candidates may be nominated by Fellows or Institutional member of the RSC only.

Important Notice:

All the dossiers must follow the specifications established in the guide "Preparing a Nomination for RSC Fellowship." Please note that any letters from nominators or referees that do not meet there requirements therein will not be accepted. Consequently, the candidate's file will be rejected and will need to be re-submitted the following year.


Should you require assistance at any time, please contact the Department of Member Services at (613) 991-6990 extension 106 or by e-mail at